Sunday, March 16, 2008

Faithinate's Intro

Wow, my first ever post on The God Dam. I think we'll start out light, with an intro and a few little thoughts and links.

I'm a recovered Southern Baptist (I'm feeling much better now, thanks) and I'll be the somewhat treehuggery and slightly forgiving female voice here on the GD.

This whole thing started out as another one of our around-the-house conversations on god and God and religion and organizations partaking therein, and dear hubby SurferJesus suggested a YMAA (Young Men's Atheist Association, "For People Who Aren't Retarded"). The idea quickly blossomed.

Today's news item comes from Canada: Religious groups want Russian cartoon channel shut down. "Christian and Muslim groups are demanding that 2X2 be shut down because it airs cartoons, such as South Park, which they deem to be anti-religious, violent as well as promoting homosexuality." Yet again, we have the cardinal rule: Religious People Must Police Everything Everyone Else Does. Terribly sorry, but why the fuck do you care if some going-to-hell sinners make a show that going-to-hell sinners watch, regardless of whether it's "promoting homosexuality" or not?

Remember, I'm the gentle blogger here.

Moving right along. On a personal note, my grade school stepdaughter told me a couple of days ago that her mother (a psychopathic hypocritical Xtian if I've ever seen one) said that Barack Obama wants to kill everyone in America, because he's the type of person who wants to kill all Americans. Turns out since he was raised Muslim, he's gonna be president and drop da bomb on us all. This poor kid is now afraid that we'll all die if Obama gets to be president. Sigh. Is this the stupidest woman on god's green earth, or are there a few earthworms that can't outthink her? Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of bigoted ignorance that drives us into frothing rages, and into creating this very blog.

Another news item. I missed Sally Kern saying that homosexuals are worse than terrorists (ah, you're also competing with earthworms), but I caught the very eloquent response from a high school senior who has lost a whole hell of a lot more to terrorists than to gays.

Oh yeah, and while we were kicking around ideas about god/religion/the GD yesterday, I ran across The Atheist Bible Study, and specifically the article concerning whether God is evil. Nice.

I don't really believe in god or God or gods or goddesses (that cover it?), but I guess I don't particularly disbelieve in a higher power, necessarily. I just disbelieve in YOUR god/God/gods/goddesses. The Atheist Bible Study made an excellent point: the God presented in the Bible is an asshole, srsly. This is the God of love everyone's been going on about?

That's plenty for our first round, so let's get to fightin'!

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