Sunday, March 30, 2008

Article of the Day: Truth in Advertising!

"Business Owners, Customers Upset Over Controversial Billboard"

Frankly, I like this a whole lot better than the God speaks billboards.

Bonus actual headline: World doesn't end, Doomsday cult gives up

Double bonus: discussion on the fairy tales billboard.

I just can't stop adding to this: that Fark thread links to a neat YouTube video. I'm kinda too stupid to know if it's making fun of Dawkins/Atheism, religion, both or neither. But it's neato.


praiseNull said...

This is linked from the comments at the Fark article. Very funny.

Mikayla Starstuff said...

I admire Dawkins a lot, and I still think that vid is hillarious. Sorta like the South Park episode. :p

atheist girl said...

shoot they must have taken that down quickly cause i didnt see it. i live around the corner. i would have like to see it in person.