Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Believer on Atheist Dating

Pathetic godless being that I am, I sometimes put up profiles to online dating sites. Having recently admitted to myself that I am atheist it occurred to me to Google "atheist dating". Naturally I wasn't the first to think of this, and there are such sites that cater to atheists.

In the results was a column titled "Atheist Dating - Couples that Agree to Disagree Can Two Individuals Build a Lasting Relationship Based on 'doubt'...?" After my initial "WTF" I decided it would be interesting to check out his perspective. It is written by a married believer who joined an atheist dating site presumably for journalistic reasons and self-amusement.

First thing that surprised me--after the title--is that he censored "Free Thinker's" out of the site name. Is "Free Thinker" a Xtian curse? Oh yeah, I guess it is.

Here are a few quotes. I am surprised that he seems to think godlessness is cult-ish and baseless, but maybe I should stop being surprised.

An open door to a whole lot of people who are not to keen on organized religion, and for all I know are convinced that Marilyn Monroe was waxed by the CIA!
I guess it's hard for Believers to understand that nonbelievers are capable of forming independent opinions.
Because really, even if you’re an atheist you still have to eat. Right? You still go to movies. I’m pretty sure atheists like to have sex. If I found an atheist who can answer “yes” to those three questions, then right there I may have found a potential life-mate.
I wonder if he says a thankful prayer to God every time he takes a piss. Seriously, God is not necessary for a person to have emotion, values and relationships. He admits to having argued frequently with his previous girlfriend about God. Go figure.
It just seems like at the core of an atheist’s soul there is an overwhelming doubt that makes these individuals question EVERYTHING.
No, it's not doubt. It's curiosity, critical thinking and the realization that our beliefs aren't always right. Religious people change their beliefs periodically but don't admit it.

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Faithinate said...

"the fact that they don’t believe in anything is probably enough of a base to build a happy life together or at least a passion-filled weekend." It's not that we don't believe in anything, we just don't believe in the invisible man in the sky. WTF?

God, that guy's smarmy, eh?

"I’m not sure I want to meet an atheist if these are the type of bylines they go by." You've never met an atheist?