Monday, March 24, 2008

Hypocricy in Everyday Life, and Other Questions

I guess I was thinking about Thanksgiving the other day because of praiseNull's holiday post. And that got me to thinking about watching football, baseball, all that. Now tell me, why exactly is it that we celebrate athletic excellence with fried food, alcohol, and general sloth? I realize that's not an atheist/religious question, but it certainly ties into human nature.

There's not a single thing we do together socially that involves a light meal and a quick jog around the block. That goes for Christians, too. They get out of church Sunday and then go gorge at Luby's or Cracker Barrel or what have you. Why is that?

Unrelated: Why is everything OLD necessarily WISE. "This is an OLD book, it must be very deep." Ok, so a few dozen generations got duped by this guy's writing. They believed that it was "turtles all the way down" for a while, there, too. It's like the Bible (Koran, what have you) is the WORST. URBAN LEGEND. EVAR. (Of course I'm going to pick on the Bible; I have issues with xtians. Couldn't you tell?)

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