Friday, September 11, 2009

Christian Dating

I was just browsing the forums attached to a dating website. To my amazement a couple of christians lamented that they can't find other christians to date. Seriously? I can't swing a cat without hitting three single christians who won't shut up about Jesus or God. Anyway, somebody replied to one of the forlorn christians: "Yep, God will scare you up a piece of ass. Have faith."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Breeders for Jesus

O.k. so today the super breeding Christian family the Duggars have been allowed to to make their special announcement AGAIN. I'm sure everyone knowing this family can guess and you'd be right - the bitch is pregnant AGAIN. How is that her uterus hasn't fucking exploded?? Now I have several questions of just plain logistics like what the hell do you do for a living without being reality show stars to financially support that many children for starters, but that isn't why I'm writing?

Now they grant god with all of their good fortune with children and I'm concerned that this religious bullshit will start to filter out to others who crave attention through religion and over breeding. Religion is the number one offender in encouraging people to have children and to have large families, probably because the only time you can play god is when you are seeking a medical intervention to create life, not to end it whether it be through abortion or suicide. And let's not forget that they do love to play god in creating life and when bullying others about their life decisions. Many of the religions condemn contraception. I have a friend who married someone very orthodox and had to get permission from her religious gynocologist regarding halting pregancy because they were having serious issues with another child, and couldn't really deal with a pregnancy. The fact that women in her community go to a doctor who is involved with their temple is horrifying to say the least. Nowadays, you can go to a fertilization specialist and have 8 embryos implanted and freeze the rest, and if all of those embryos manage to turn into babies you can keep them all and save the others for later. Now the reason most people won't destroy them or allow stem cell research which could help people already living is that they consider it religiously wrong and they consider them their children, and you wouldn't do testing on your children (but I guess it's o.k. to leave them in the deep freeze.) They liken doing research on stem cells to doing chemical research to a real live baby that feel pain which is ridiculous and very immature in it's thought process.

This whole mentality of overly religious families thinking that they are so much better than the rest of us because they have these enormous families and are doing god's will and work is revolting!!! I REPEAT REVOLTING!! Not to mention potentially dangerous for the survival of our species, no not Christians or other religious types, but humanity as a whole on this planet. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, over-population is an issue, not will be, but IS and issue. I wouldn't be surprised if this is all some sort of ridiculous mind control campaign by the various religious institutions to drum up business. If they can continue to convince people that they need to be ridiculously regulated and assisted by god to help deal with the insecurity of life and then breed, well then that means their severly drooping business picks up. Because if you are religious then you will need to baptize, educate, and marry people in the church to be good with god, right?

These people I my opinion should be shunned and these programs with super breeders should be taken off the air. It is absolutely disturbing to me the changing attitudes of this country and how religious extremism is becoming the norm. Just go and read the blogs of this super breeding misfit Michelle and then see the comments. It's all about god. I'm sure they are happy to be able to do so much for god, and the peolple who leave comments are happy they are doing so well too. This should not be out standard for life. I think someone should spike the holy water with birth control since intelligence is useless.