Monday, July 22, 2013

Sick of Movies

Currently I'm reading a book and watching a movie that both have strong religious overtones. I should say that each of them have a couple characters who are strongly religious and it's just pathetic. They're both really ridiculous and the lengths they go to to perform their little religious ceremonies is fucking stupid. This one girl floats around the prison being as nasty and hateful as she wants and at the same time spends the rest of her time performing healing rituals and preaching about how much Jesus loves them and how forgiving he is, etc. It's fucking ridiculous. The girl in the other story hears the gods talking to her constantly and they tell her to do stupid shit like tracing the lines on the woodgrain floor. She does it for hours and hours. And she also feels unclean constantly because she's unworthy so she spends tons of time washing her hands till they bleed. She's been doing it for years. This is the kind of shit that religion talks you into doing and that the rest of us have to put up with. I'm getting really really sick of seeing this shit everywhere. Just grow the fuck up already and start taking responsibility for your own crap.