Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Arguing With God

Whew! I'm glad Faithinate posted a quickie so I wouldn't have three posts in a row.

I was just reading some other blogs and came across this exchange in the comments:

"interested": Rick I don't hate god. How can I hate something that does not exist.

"rick b": Well the Bible says you do hate God

I had an idea today of getting some plastic idol of some sort to wear on my shoulder; it would have a button to press to make it say "he's right". I would explain that it is my god and press the button to end any argument. Ok, pretty ridiculous, but is this not what many Christians do?

Odd that they can channel God's will but I can't. Odd further still that God's will always seems to work in their favor.

I just realized I am envisioning a blue monkey as my plastic idol. I'm not sure which shoulder, though. The monkey has a fair resemblance to Curious George.

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Faithinate said...


Speaking of which, I can't believe Chikezie's gone already... Oh, uh, and I like the blue monkey idea, better still the "He's right."