Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hijacking Morality

One thing I've struggled with from time to time is how to maintain a moral or ethical code--or especially how to teach one to children--without a community like church and/or some form of higher authority to refer to.

This is ironic since I was brought up in a very moral and ethical manner without such constructs or "because God says".

Why did I think this? I think Judeo-Christian values are so heavily pushed as to indoctrinate us (or at least me) into thinking that way even though I didn't Believe.

Even more ironically is the hypocrisy in the Bible on morality. Moses brings forward 10 commandments. "Don't kill; why didn't we think of that?" "Don't boff your neighbor's wife? Gee, that might help us get along better." Furthermore, Moses destroyed the original tablets and killed 3000 followers because they created golden idols to worship while he was busy getting obvious insights from God. I don't recall the part on the tablets where killing is okay to enforce the other rules, but there seems to be quite a precedent in the Bible and Jewish and Christian and Muslim history for mortals killing mortals even though God created Hell and other disincentives for sin.

After truly admitting to myself that there is no God it is clear that religion is man-made. Furthermore, morality was hijacked by religion, in idea at least. Religion has to hijack morality, holidays and science to try to make itself sound plausible, and then it casts aside morality for its own benefit, pretends that Easter eggs are somehow Christian and denies new scientific discoveries that oppose what church has been teaching.

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