Friday, June 26, 2015

Obergefell v. Hodges

It is a good day! Congratulations to those of you who can now marry who you want!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sick of Movies

Currently I'm reading a book and watching a movie that both have strong religious overtones. I should say that each of them have a couple characters who are strongly religious and it's just pathetic. They're both really ridiculous and the lengths they go to to perform their little religious ceremonies is fucking stupid. This one girl floats around the prison being as nasty and hateful as she wants and at the same time spends the rest of her time performing healing rituals and preaching about how much Jesus loves them and how forgiving he is, etc. It's fucking ridiculous. The girl in the other story hears the gods talking to her constantly and they tell her to do stupid shit like tracing the lines on the woodgrain floor. She does it for hours and hours. And she also feels unclean constantly because she's unworthy so she spends tons of time washing her hands till they bleed. She's been doing it for years. This is the kind of shit that religion talks you into doing and that the rest of us have to put up with. I'm getting really really sick of seeing this shit everywhere. Just grow the fuck up already and start taking responsibility for your own crap.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Going Under the Radar

I've changed jobs recently, and the new place is very conservative and privately owned. On the upside, work travel should completely end, and my work schedule will be much more steady and predictable. On the downside, at least temporarily, I feel less secure about posting my beliefs here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Political Fearmongering

I don't really want to get into general politics here, but I need to vent about this somewhere.

I stumbled into a conversation with a coworker this week about the job market and the need to hang on to a job. Somehow on her end this turned into a conversation about how bad things will be if Obama gets reelected. According to her, there will be widespread rioting if Obama is reelected, and she is starting to stockpile food and water.

Fucking really? Are we seriously trotting out this pony again? Last time it was that Obama was a muslim and would destroy America if elected. Now there will be riots, although I don't understand why. I was smart enough not to ask.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Still Godless in 2012

SurferJesus, Faithenate and I are still around and still atheist. Clearly we don't find much time to post much lately, but I know SurferJesus would like to. I expect Faithenate would like to, but we haven't talked about it. We all stay pretty busy.

I read my old posts here from time to time. I'd still like to try a "Testify" positive atheist testimony site. I think I might go order some atheist jewelry tonight. I still like the idea of a community science program, but I'm not sure where to start. Also, I tend to not follow through on things. But that would be a nice thing to follow through on.

Big didlo up your ass!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Same Shit, Different Judgement Day

Ah, it's another judgement day.

Many Christians seem to think the rapture will involve them being called to heaven, leaving behind their clothes.

What the fuck?

So, is everyone naked in heaven? Or perhaps the styles or fabrics are different there, and you are issued a new set of clothes upon rapture. Does heaven have standardized uniforms?

But really, all these other humans who have died and gone to heaven before the rapture have left their earthly bodies here. Why would rapture be different? Won't it be odd being one of a few (or perhaps up to a half due to population growth and technological evangelism) walking around in an earthly body in heaven? Awkward.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pre-Life? And Interpreting the Bible

Some random late-evening thoughts:

Religious people are so focused on the afterlife. What about the pre-life? As I understand it, there is no reincarnation in Judaism, Christianity or Islam. God breathes your soul into your mortal body at conception or birth, and then you live a mortal life and then live forever after with God and his buddies in heaven or suffer eternally in hell.

So, if there is no reincarnation (which oddly seems to be a popular theme in movies...hmmm), then you and your soul don't exist before your date of birth or conception. Past lives are also popular in movies, but I digress...or do I? I was going to state that people don't have a problem with not existing before their conception, but apparently some do.

Well, the point I was trying to make with logic is that if you have no problem believing you didn't exist before birth/conception, then why would you have trouble believing you don't exist after death? However clearly there is some popular fantasy that people's souls have lived mortal lives before and may yet again.

Clearly people are neither logical nor literal about their bibles.

And speaking of bibles, why is there so much effort at interpreting the bible and disagreements over it's interpretation? This god guy clearly had some issues with clear communication! You'd think the creator of all would be able to get his point across unambiguously.