Monday, March 24, 2008

A Pleasingly Secular Holiday Weekend

Through unanticipated timing of events I happened to be around nonreligious people all Easter weekend and was able to freely speak sarcastically of religion and Republicans with like-minded people. It was quite a treat for me as I've lived my entire adult life in solid "red states" smack dab in the Bible belt.

Friday I drove to a state park to meet up with someone I'd previously only known online. We saw the sights and talked politics and made fun of the border fence and the blindly faithful.

Saturday and Sunday we celebrated a birthday for an out-of-country relative who was in the area. I believe the entire group was either agnostic or atheist. We took time out of our secular celebrations that happened to coincide with Easter to make fun of rabbits and eggs as features of a Christian holiday.

And surely a surprise to Christians is that nothing evil or untoward came of it. Happiness and community without a superior being to oversee and bless it. Who knew?

Then came Monday, back to work with the ministers and Fox News disciples.

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