Friday, May 30, 2008

Worst Boyfriend EVAR, or DTMFA

Sweetie, I've been wanting to say this for a long time. That man is NO good for you. Hear me out now, okay?

First off, he's never there for you. You put so much into your call him every day, you go to HIS house every few days and holidays, you do all the driving and all the talking...hell, you're constantly giving him money for his bills! He never does a thing for you, and never even says thank you.

And where was he when your mother was sick? You called and called, but he never answered. The bastard didn't even send a card, then he had the gall to take credit for the people who DID come by to help you out. "Oh I TOTALLY sent Marcy to help you out." Bullshit.

Sure, he's attractive, he plays the good host, and he has lots of friends. But really, who needs those kinds of friends? The only thing you have in common with most of those people is that you know the same guy. The same know-it-all, jealous, demanding, obnoxious guy. Have you actually LISTENED to the things he says? The stories he tells? He's a fucking bigot! And violent too. He and his gang used to beat up on gay guys and women, you know that? How can you possibly devote yourself to a guy like that?

If all that isn't enough, he's a total liar and scam artist, too. I hear all kinds of things about how he makes his money. It's bad stuff, baby.

Sure, everybody says "Oh he's changed, he's a really nice guy now". But he's the one that always says he's the same. He's proud of the way he's always done things. Not to mention, you can just listen to what he says, and it's the same stuff. Still jealous, a liar, a homophobe, a racist, sexist as hell, and LOUSY father. He's utterly worthless; he promises all kinds of things, then does nothing. He takes the credit for the things YOU do, and calls you ten shades of a loser. You don't deserve that.

I know you don't like to hear all this about the guy you're dedicating your life to, honey. But I also know YOU know it's true. Read anything ever written about him, anything HE ever wrote. Talk to anyone, even the people who like him, and you get the exact same stories. Just think about it this way: would you want YOUR daughter with this guy, seriously? No, of course not. So you shouldn't be with God either.

I'm here for you if you want to talk. Peace.

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