Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pat Robertson the Athiest

I remember growing up seeing the 700 Club on TV. I didn't really get what it was all about until I saw it again as an adult though. I remember seeing Pat sitting there at a news desk reading the news. I actually just happened to be flipping channels and just came across him. Anyway, he was on a news story about some disaster so I stopped to listen. And here was this guy talking about how the gays caused this, and how all these people would still be alive had it not been for the gays. And how we need strict legislation to make gayness illegal, blahblahblah. And I remember thinking... my god, what a fucking freak. THIS is what the 700 Club has been about all these years? Whatever dude.

So it got me thinking. Dawkins says that everyone is an athiest and we're just athiest with one more god than xtians. Well, it made me start thinking that everyone eventually turns athiest. Everyone. Even Pat Robertson. Because everyone's got to eventually die and when they do and discover that there's no god, then they'll have no choice but to convert. And I saw Pat on something a couple weeks ago and man that guy's looking old. He's about to drop dead any second now. And then we can add him to our ranks. Though, as big a freak as he is I'm not sure we want him.

That'll be my new counter. I'm going to start counting converted athiests. Every time one of these staunch xtian assholes dies, I'm going to count another convert to athiesm.
So Pat, step right up and get converted.

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