Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AOTD chain: Holy Potato, Batman!

Berlin family finds 'holy potato'

Berliner Morgenpost is calling [it] "the miracle of Berlin-Charlottenburg."

"Everyone was deeply stirred," Balta told the paper. "Some of them even began to weep and to pray."
The couple's son has set up a blog dedicated to the potato, which White said the family may sell on eBay.
Totally interesting to me that they only mention at the END of the article that the woman's a Muslim.

This pointed to: Leftists disrupt Christian youth festival in Bremen
A traditional Christian youth festival in Germany faced unprecedented disruptions by leftists who hacked the gathering's website, interrupted speeches and threw beer bottles at visitors, organizers said on Tuesday. [They] found themselves under siege by leftist extremists determined to protest what they saw as Christian intolerance to homosexuality and abortion.
Heh. The festival is called "Christival". Heh.

Also: Vandals target Munich's first gay maypole. I'm sorry, I just can't help sniggering at "gay maypole". Heheheheh.

And finally, Captian Obvious writes: 'Celebration of nudity' opposed by Church

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