Friday, May 16, 2008

Importance of Religion

I've seen a couple posts about why athiests are always so concerned with god and religion when we don't believe in it. And that's a pretty stupid argument, but I'll address it as succinctly as I can.

The reason it's so important to is is because it's so important to you assholes and you have a history of holding religious beliefs against people who don't believe exactly what you do. Take a look at Bush (that douche). He's trying his hardest to turn this country into a theocracy. And when that happens, nobody's safe because it's the beliefs of whomever's in charge at the time that are going to rule. So that means that gays will be thrown in jail, abortionists are going to be locked away, and anybody who speaks out against god in any way will be locked up. And even if they're not locked up, this country will come to a halt because the prejudice that will ensue will be worse than anything the blacks ever thought of facing. Good people won't be able to get jobs because they're not the right flavor of xtian. And forget muslims. They'll be lucky to get out with their lives. I believe that more murders will be excused because religion tolerates that kinda thing a lot more. Well your honor. He told me that he was muslim and god sucked. Then he took out some wires and started making a bomb that he said he was going to throw into my church. What else could I do?

The worst thing that could possibly ever happen would be for this country to go the theocracy route. So yeah, you're goddamn right I care about religion. It's a pretty hot topic for me right now because I know I'm one of the ones who'll be on the chopping block if I don't stand up and scream the name of everyone's favorite fairy. And yeah, my ex will be leading the charge against me.

So everyone should care about how this country handles religion. And you xtians out there, you just wait. It sounds like a good idea now to run this country as a theocracy, but you just wait until the next guy comes into power and he decides he doesn't like your flavor. You'll be just as outcast as the rest of us. It never ends.

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