Monday, May 19, 2008

Gay Marriage, Christian Bigotry

I went looking for Christian blogs and comments. Know thy enemy, right? I'm actually so sad I don't know where to begin.

Why does being a Christian mean swallowing the whole thing, hook line and sinker? And by the whole thing, I mean everything the xtian higher ups pick and choose out of the bible. God made Adam and Even, be fruitful and multiply, etc etc. But we don't bother about stoning witches and all that. Though, creepily enough, one commentator brought that up:

God's word is clear and this type of marriage should not be allowed. However, the old testament practice of putting them to death right now is not an option. How can anyone come to know Jesus once they are dead?
Ok, so you're willing to forgo one part of the Bible in hopes that fags will accept Jesus. How screwed up is that?

"you can see why the Homosexuals would love this to become legal, because then they can slowly but surely enact equal rights and benefits for their mates." As always, you make the simplest things sound so SINISTER. Oh my GOD, if they can get MARRIED then they'll slink their stealthy way into us TREATING THEM like they're married. OMFG!! *ahem* I think it's part of the point, dude.

About the point that God made man and woman to make babies, and fags can't make babies...why then aren't Christians horribly up in arms about straight men and women who choose not to procreate? By this logic, Surfer Jesus' and my siblings are just as horrible and god-hating as all those California fags, because none of them have been knocked up. (Ironic to think that SJ and I are more "godly" in that sense than others, eh?) If it must be legislated that marriage is for a man and a woman, then it should also be legislated that men and women who get married MUST procreate. Be fruitful and multiply; God directly commands it. Better legislate it, too. If you don't, this also "constitutes yet another blatant slap in His face".

And we've talked about this a LOT recently, but it gets me yet again:
Issues such as this one make me very thankful to know we do not have to endure this much longer. As the world spins toward its certain appointment with destruction; we look to the heavens from which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will soon appear. Just as God saved Lot and his family from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, so God will save us from the certain destruction of this evil world through the soon appearing of His Son. Praise God.
Geez, how ungrateful can you get?

Lord, thank you for this beautiful world, my life, my wife and children, my You-appointed dominion over the creatures of the land sea and air. Please, Lord, bring it to an end at your earliest possible convenience. Amen. "This evil world", indeed.

And to end on a positive note: "psalmthirtyseven" actually seems to have a bit of sense. You know, for a Christian.

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