Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today's Sermon

Tadpole just got back from her mother's. This weekend was like any other, she said: movies, video games, church. For the fun of it, I asked her what they talked about in church. She told me the story of Legion, more or less as follows:

"There was this guy who was really mean because he had a lot of demons in him, and then Jesus asked the demon his name, and he said 'Legion', and he told them to get out. Because there were lots of them in there. And the demon said 'Please don't kill me.' And Jesus told them to get out again, and I don't remember what happened next." What happened next was the demons all came out of the guy and went into a herd of pigs, and they ran into a lake and drowned.

I asked her, what was the reason for telling that story in church? What did they want you to learn from it? She said, "I guess not to let demons get in you." "Well how would you keep that from happening?" "I dunno."

A) Way to educate the children. The point was evidently well received by one and all. Or, you know, not.

B) This story sounds WAY weirder to me than it did when I heard it in church.

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