Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stupid Shit People Tell Their Kids

So Tadpole says to us, "I know you'll think this is stupid, but my Mom says God protects us from choking ourselves by making us pass out."

I don't need to go into this actual argument, but it reminds me forcibly of almost every Christian I've ever met, both in the sense of "holy shit, WHY do people tell their kids such stupid things?" And, in the more general sense that religion really seems to allow people to use the grab bag approach to life: anything I get my hands on is fair game, anything I say must be true.

Dawkins and Michael Shermer (and many others I'm sure) comment on this in their books. Religion not only approves of but encourages and REQUIRES its members to believe in arbitrary, unproveable ideas. They not only believe whatever was voted into a certain set of books a few hundred years ago, and what their "experts" tell them, but whatever enters their minds too.

And people wonder why I'm so venemous about religion.

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