Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's Morality

OK, I had a post planned today until I read Faithinate's post. So now I have to stick my nose in.

I'm just going to comment on a couple of the things she said as I read through it on my other monitor.

Illegal drugs:
I'm not sure I'd classify this as immoral because drugs are drugs. It doesn't matter that the current laws classify a drug as illegal or not. You have to realize that when they first came out, every single drug that we control now used to be available for open sale. In the early 1920's (there abouts) you could buy heroin from Sears and Roebuck through the mail. They would send you a bottle of heroin with a fucking needle in a nice little case. I saw a Discovery special on it. Extasy used to be used by therapists to put couples in a cooperative state of mind for their sessions. And on that note, sniffing paint is illegal, but it's not illegal to lock yourself in a room and paint a chair with that same paint. The fumes are still all around you and you're still sniffing it in, but the fact that you're doing it with a chair in front of you makes it legal. But still just as harmful.

And how about abusing legal drugs? Again, drugs are drugs and abuse is abuse. So what about abusing cough syrup or sleeping pills, or even diet pills? Is that covered in the immorality clause?

Excessive Drinking:
Again, not immoral in the least. The fact that drinking causes liver disease is a harmful side-effect of something that's bad for you, but not illegal nor immoral. You can drink as much as you want and the law can't touch you as long as you don't leave your house. So just because something is bad for you that doesn't make it illegal. Look at over-eating. There are some pretty fat fucks out there bloating their fat asses with everything under the sun. Now that causes more health problems than drinking ever thought about, but do you see any xtians rallying against it? Of course not! How about smoking. Sure, it's bad for you, but you don't hear nearly as many of them calling it a sin. Though there are some that do though so ok.

And how about lifting with your back? That's pretty bad for you, but it's not a sin. How about running up so much fucking credit card debt that your entire family will suffer for decades to come? That also seems like it's pretty bad for you and everyone in your house, but no xtians are calling that a sin either. And here's my favorite. What about putting yourself in the fucking poorhouse because you sent some TV preacher fuck all your money? You're definitely harming yourself, but I would be you they don't consider that a sin either.

The bottom line is everything that's bad for you isn't a sin. And everything... and I mean everything... is bad for you if you use it in excess or in the wrong way.

Sex Stuff:
Yeah, as far as the sex stuff goes, I agree with Faithinate. You fuckers need to get over yourselves. Fuck all of you tightass fucks and quit telling me where to put my cock. If I want to rub all the skin off of it with my own hand that's my business. If I want to abuse the extremely expensive free-range organic chicken I bought at the treehugger store, that's my business. If I want to stick it in some guy's loving asshole and pump away until we're both grinning from ear to ear, then that's my business. And if I want to turn off the lights, pull the covers up over my head and take my wife as quickly as possible so we can both just get it over with (catholic reference there), then that's my business too. Just stop being so concerned with who everyone else is fucking and mind your own backyard.

Yeah, this is a tough one even for athiests. However, I'll point you to a cool article I found last night. Here it is. But it's bullshit like this that's going to put us behind in the stem cell race. There are other countries doing more with stem cells than we are because Bush, that fake xtian hypocrit fuck, has allowed the other fake xtian hypocrit fucks to tell him what to do so it's mostly banned. They're trying to throw us into another dark age and we're letting them. Yeah, let's throw away science and go back to prayer and see what happens. Ignorant pricks!

I think everyone knows my views on foul language so I won't go into it. But laws and morality don't always match-up. Morality looks to concern itself with your personal dealings, while the law concerns itself with your public dealings... making sure that you don't step on anyone else while you're doing your own thing. But it's not considered less moral to keep your fucking nose out of other people's business when it doesn't concern you. And believe me, you don't want my cock to be your concern. Cock.

Boy do I feel better!


Faithinate said...

What've you been doing to our chickens?

atheist girl said...

this was a great post guys. to me all of those issues are domestic issues, and the government has no right to interfere with domestic issues. i do think that age or intelligence has something to do with the safety, but seriously, as long as everyone plays into the "be excellent to each other" philosophy i think they should be able to do whatever the fuck...