Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Short Trip to Hate

It's really true that introducing a new idea is very difficult while altering an existing idea is easy.
Look at the IRS as an example. Back when it was formed, there were those who understood this very well, and rallied against us allowing our income to be taxed. The IRS made the point that it was only taking a very tiny percentage so nobody would really miss that money. And they were right. So under that premise, the IRS was formed and as you can see, the concept has changed quite a bit since then. They're not only taking money that you definitely miss, they've got the power to ruin your entire life.

Now let's transfer that to religion. The purpose of religion is to be exclusionary. It's a club where you exclude those who don't agree with you. And once you bite that apple it's really easy to expand your exclusions to all sorts of things/people that have nothing to do with your original intent.

A perfect example is my mother. We were talking this morning about this commercial on the internet we saw last night where this girl's parents ended up eating a cucumber that she had been jacking off with... it's actually pretty funny. And my mom said that they needed to take that kind of stuff off the internet because it feeds child porn. Fucking What? OK, I'll spare you the specifics, but let's just say I handled that in a way that set her straight.

Then we got to talking about child abuse... I'm not sure how exactly, but she said...
"Like there's this guy overhere, he was black of course, who they arrested because he threw he baby up against the wall for crying."

So why is that "of course"? Black people are predisposed to throwing babies? Why, are they shaped like spears or something? I thought they were only predisposed to liking fried chicken. I read that in an encyclopedia. (if you didn't get that, it's a Dave Chapelle routine... just fucking hilarious)...

But now that she's a mega-baptist she's used to excluding all kinds of things. She doesn't like porn on the internet, or people who throw babies, or apparently black people. Now, I happen to know she's not a outright racist, but there's definitely something going on there that wasn't going on before she started going to a country church every sunday. And thinking back, a lot of xtians are racist. And I don't know why because the original intent of their religion is to exclude people who don't believe in God... make that, THEIR God. But nobody is more religious than the coloreds. And they sing really well too. So what do the xtians have against them? Well of course I'm sure it's because they're not like them. Religion is giving them an excuse to hate and now it's much easier because they're already opened their minds to the fact that everybody's not as enlightened as they are. So now it's just a short trip to hating on race, or geography, or dress size, or even how they like their filet mignon or whether they can tell their shrimp fork from their escargot fork.

Star Wars hit it right on the head. When the emperor was trying to get Luke to hit him; to let his anger out. That's all it really takes is to give in to your anger. The rest is fairly easy. Those are some pretty small bridges to have to cross because you've already let your bad side get the best of you. It doesn't change with religion. They've already given in to their bad side, now choosing more people to hate is just a row of cotton away.

So inventing, designing, and building the gun was hard, but pointing it at different people is easy.

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Faithinate said...

Jesus, man, I know you're making a point with all the extra racist comments, but holy might not quite come across that way to someone who knows you fewer than I do. And I know how concerned you are with what people think of you...