Thursday, April 10, 2008

AOTD: Principal defends teacher's sexuality remarks

Article here.

A sex ed teacher decided to tell her students that yes, she is indeed gay, so quit asking. Good for her. Double and triple good on the principle for backing her up.

Before classes began that day, Rowe sent an e-mail to her colleagues at South, telling them of her plan to notify her students she was gay.

"I am doing this because I want to live more authentically and be an example of someone happy and healthy for youth faced with sexual orientation issues within their family or beyond," she wrote.
GOOD FOR YOU! Major applause. I also give major respec' to the article author, Christena T. O'Brien, for making the article about the teacher, students, and principles, and not about the religious groups that (I'm sure) are raising hell about this. Not one single mention of Christians, church, god, nothing. Wow. Wow-wow-wow. Give that woman a raise, a Pulitzer, and a day in the sun.

Or to put it like the old Budweiser ads, You go, Mrs. Who-Give-a-Crap-What-the-Christians-Think-of-This!

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