Thursday, April 24, 2008

AOTD, and a little prayer of thanksgiving

Why Lord, O why dost Thou continue to drop these most excellent articles straight into the lap of Thy detractor? Anyway, thank Thee, Lord, and keep up the good work. Ramen.

Church Group Urges Prayer for Lower Gas Prices. Do we even need to read the article / listen to the audio?

Bonus: An excellent article (I got the link from entitled "Atheist Faith?". By the way, that's something that annoys the crap out of me...Christians banging on about atheists not having faith. That's kind of the POINT, isn't it? Kind of like criticizing vegetarians for not eating enough meat, really...

Edit: Okay, I just can't stop. Here's another one...Texas is disallowing a Dallas-based organization to offer a master's degree in creationism. Well, there's a point for the Lone Star State!

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thanks for posting those!!!