Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AOTD2, but first, a parody

Just a Picture of a Baby?

A Tampa, Florida, woman today took a picture of her infant son chewing on his feet, and saw exactly what she'd photographed.

"It really freaked me out," said mother of three Brenda Tosh.

She showed the picture to her brother Abe Sampson, himself a father of two who has taken his share of baby pictures.

"I was expecting to see something cool," said Sampson. "Like a the weeping Holy Mother, crucified Jesus, or maybe the ghost of some Rennaissance-era queen or something." But instead he saw a perfectly normal image of the infant Jason, slobbering on his toes. "As soon as I saw it, I was like, whoa."

Nothing in the photo vaguely resembles any common deity, saint, or anything supernatural. There were no dragonflies in the shot to create a "rod", no reflections to show the spirit of a deceased, nor any water in the background with a blurry image of a sea monster.

Tosh said she also found it strange that when you rotate the picture upside down, "the baby still looks just like a baby, and not like Mother Theresa."

Doctors say the baby looks to be in good health.

Some people are encouraging the mother to print the photo and put it in an frame, but she has not decided wether or not the image is display worthy.

"It just seems so ordinary. I mean, it doesn't even tell me whether I'm going to have a good day, or what lottery numbers I should pick Thursday."

Brother Sampson agreed.

He added that it's been business as usual with the family lately with work, normal weekend activity and school for the kids.

"I guess it's just another day. Weird."

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