Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I wish I could find a print online of the Bloom County strip where Opas was to meet his intended mother-in-law for the first time...he practiced several variations on "Madam, may these blossoms be a blessing from the bottom of my bloomers" and so on. So of course when she finally shows up, he just shouts "BLOSSOMS BOSOMS BLOOMERS!"

Anyway, it's what I tend to think of when someone says something about blessing something. Someone told me recently to be blessed. My preschool son says Bless You whenever I sneeze (again, must've picked that up at school. I say Gesundheit.)

Intersting: Bless, "Etymology: Middle English, from Old English blētsian, from blōd blood; from the use of blood in consecration." Somehow I don't think "May God consecrate you with blood!" is nearly as catchy as Bless You. No no great mystery why they don't say that. It'd be a nice rejoinder, though.

- Bless you!
- May God consecrate you with blood, too!
- What??

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praiseNull said...

I still say "bless you" because "gesundheit" always sounded dumb to me. I'm not happy with "bless you", either, but I haven't tried coming up with anything better.