Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Those Darn Pagans!

A very dear friend of mine is a Pagan, which I hold against her no more than she holds my atheism against me. But I went to the online pagan publication she writes for, and there on the front page is a drawing of a reeeeally old woman and this title:

Today we honor

I just found it funny.

It brings something to mind, though. We don't despise Paganism and Wicca anything like we do Christianity and Islam (I know I don't speak for all atheists, I'm currently talking about God Dammers). And I know some of the major reasons why: Pagans haven't been in the majority, and supressing and murdering and causing wars, for a very long time (if ever...?) So that's good.

But Paganism just tends to be more FUN, I think. Pagans don't take themselves overseriously, don't try to convert people or make everyone feel bad about themselves. Some of this is a side effect of being in the minority, sure. But some of it is just a better laid back-itude.

And there are hundreds of pagan inspired fantasy books out there, and we all KNOW it's fiction. People don't throw malatov cocktails because somebody got the handfasting ceremony wrong in "Gone with the Wynde".

I'm just sayin.

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