Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nonreligious Now 15% of American Population

I'm staying at hotels a lot lately, and they keep putting USA Today newspapers at my door. They don't seem to take the hint when I don't touch them for a couple of days...the cleaning crew keeps bringing them in and stacking them in my room. Whatever.

But a headline caught my eye recently. This USA Today article says that "Nones" now make up 15% of the American population, up from 8% in 1990. "Nones" is their cute term for those who answer "none" to survey questions asking their religious affiliation.

I am a bit surprised but certainly encouraged. About the "Nones", not about the freakin' newspapers they keep piling up in my rooms.

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Faithinate said...

I am amused.

Yeah, I saw some of those reports. And they're saying that Nones outrank every other group in America but Catholics and Baptists, which kind of pisses me off, because it's like saying that people who live in duplexes are now more numerous than any other group but 3-bedroom houses and 4-bedroom houses.