Saturday, March 7, 2009

Evil, Religion and Atheism

Would Christians would be as evil as they think atheists are if they suddenly lost their faith? If they had no fear of god or believed there was no afterlife would they act like dicks?


Faithinate said...

Depends on the exChristian. Are you talking about a sudden, universal removal of faith? Because I'm a case study in a Christian that lost her faith, and I don't think I'm an amoral dick.

SurferJesus said...

What are you talking about, they act like dicks now.

praiseNull said...

It was a late night thought. It bugs me that many religious people think atheism connotes evil. The thought experiment is would they be as evil as they think we are if their faith were suddenly removed? In other words, does a lack of faith equal evil?

Of course I think the answer is no.

SurferJesus makes a good point...they already act like dicks...and use the Bible to justify it.