Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Blindfold

I was talking to my mom again today (the southern baptist) and I was talking about how Jesus seems to be taken from the story of Horus. And she asked why it's so important for me to convert her to athiest and destroy her beliefs.
Well, I told her it's not necessarily about converting her as much as it's about seeing how much direct evidence she's willing to completely ignore. It seems that no matter what evidence comes to light and what proof you can offer, xtians are going to remain xtians no matter what.

Personally, I really can't comprehend that at all. Absolutely everywhere else people will change their minds if their wrong and it's ok. But in religion there's no way to change. Oh sure, you may get discouraged with one religion and switch, but you're still sticking with the program.
Seriously though... what the fuck does it take? How much evidence does it really take to make these assholes look up and say, wait, there can't be a god or jesus was a fake.

Along those same lines we were talking the other day about religion in this country, and this may be combining topics too much, and I was saying that we have all the freedom of religion here we could ever want. But what we don't have is freedom to NOT religion. This goes directly into my post from the other day and I really believe it. While the law officially protects us, public opinion doesn't and protecting the godless doesn't seem to be much of a priority. It's one of those laws that just gets overlooked when applied to athiests. You know, kinda like the separation of church and state gets overlooked when they pray at senate meetings or swear the president in on a bible. Or when the military refuses to promote someone to general because he's athiest, or someone can't get elected to public office because he doesn't pass the imaginary friend litmus. It's bullshit and there's nothing we can do about it. We're the new gays. I talked about this when we first started this blog. The reason we haven't put our names up here is because we're all professional people and we can't afford to have our careers effected. I've both heard stories and known a couple people who had problems in our professional community, and trouble finding jobs even. I even had someone tell me exactly of his trouble and advised me to never let out my religious beliefs unless I was ready to say I'm a specific religion.

So being godless in this country is strictly taboo. So what the fuck ever guys. If I ever start my own company or make my millions I'll proudly put my name up here and all those xtian fucks can suck my dick.

So anyway, that's all I've got now.

And until next time...
Big dildo up your ass.


Grilled Jesus said...

God Dam! I like how you write my friend.

I suggest gays and atheists merge to form gaytheists. Then at least we'll be big enough to fight the intolerance together!

Faithinate said...

"We're the new gays." I think gays are still the gays, really...we've only come so far there, and I think they have it worse than us.

Now, to be a gay atheist...might as well move to Antarctica.

SurferJesus said...

Hey thanks Grilled. Gee my first real fan!!