Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moron Morality

I'm sorry, did I say moron morality? I meant to say more on morality, my bad.

So there's this big debate as to whether you can have morality without religion. Now, before you click away thinking this is going to be the same old discussion, it's not. I'm going to present a counter theory of mine that's probably not entirely correct (nothing I ever say is), but it's a good starting point.

OK, so all of this bullshit that religion is full of peace and tolerance has been well debunked by now because we've seen way too many examples of how they run things when given the chance. And it's funny to me that the extremists are dismissed as wild-eyed crackpots who don't hold the true values of the religion as a whole. But what if that's backwards? I propose that the extremists are the only ones who are following what their religion tells them to do and it's the majority who aren't following god's word. What makes me say this? That's easy... I've read the bible.

Most xtians make excuses for the shit you find in the bible by saying it's just a metaphor or that something isn't meant to be taken literally, or that it was a different time and it was only to be applied in those specific circumstances, etc. Bullshit people... there's nothing in there that says, now look, I want you to do this, but only this time... or only until this date... or I don't really want you to do this, it's a metaphor for whatever you can pull out of it. It's time to grow up people. Your religion teaches violence and intolerance so get over it. And what's more, you're not a real xtian because you're not following god's real and true word. That guy over there who killed his wife for not wearing a scarf on her head... he's the one following god's word.

So now I'm left to ask myself why all these people are turning against god's official word and NOT killing everyone around them. The answer is easy... we all have a strong sense of morality that comes from both ourselves and from society and that gets in the way of religious doctrine. So it's not that religion supplies morality, it's that we're able to maintain morality despite religion. And being the clever people we are, we've managed to still link it back and give religion credit for it anyway. Ain't having a brain grand?

So let's recap real quick... religion tells us to kill people for the glory of god and then when we refuse because killing is wrong, religion gets the credit again for being peace-loving and tolerant. But there's nothing in the books that suggests that.

Dawkins says that there are many factors that go into making up our morality, which sounds right to me. It's not just one thing that implants it into our heads. But society has a lot to do with it because you have but to look at the sign of the times to confirm it. Back when the bible was written (and before), those religious killing sprees were ok because people just didn't know better as a society. They were too busy fighting over land and trying to establish themselves as dominant. Then move ahead into just the last couple centuries and we've gone from women being nothing more than filthy baby factories to becoming real people with real jobs and feelings and ambitions. And do you wanna hear something really crazy? Niggers are considered to be people now too. And they can not only hold jobs, but they can be the boss and order us white folk around. And they can even vote and this one will really knock your socks off... one of them became president. Now we've also refined our laws too. Many things that used to be legal have now been outlawed because they're just not considered ok anymore. One that comes to mind is this one and it'll just kill you. Kids have rights under the law now and you're not allowed to starve or beat them anymore.

So with all this change, what's driving it? Is the the bible and religion? I seriously doubt it since it hasn't changed (officially) in centuries. Though we all know that it's changed quite a bit hasn't it? So since our morality is changing, and the bible isn't, then it's pretty easy to say that we're not getting our morality from the bible or from religion. And don't give me that "oh well we're interpreting it differently" crap either. Because yeah, you're interpreting it differently, but only because your morality has given you the ability to see past its bullshit and now you have to look into the passages and see how you can distort their meanings so you can keep on believing that's where you're getting your morality. Give it up already.

And god commanded him to go into the town and kill every last man, woman, child, sheep, goat, etc. Let no living creature remain. Gee, I think that's a metaphor for love your fellow man and tolerate his beliefs no matter how different. Do you see what god's doing there? He's teaching us love and forgiveness by saying the opposite to show us how ludicrous it would be to be that way. It's reverse psychology.

Fuck off already and grow up.

Big dildo up your ass.

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