Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Irreverently" Denying Jesus?

Word usage can be entertaining. I was just following some link chains starting with the blogs linked from here and wound up at Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun" which is a web comic I've seen before. What caught my eye was an ad for "The God Who Wasn't There".

The ad quotes a Newsweek review: "Irreverently lays out the case that Jesus Christ never existed." I am curious: is it possible to deny the existence of Jesus Christ with reverence? Please type for me how that would look.

"With all due respect, your religion is bunk." Nah, it's not quite working. Certainly anyone who believes in Christ would find the argument against irreverent, but even from the side of atheism is it possible to present the argument in a "reverent" manner?


sunnyskeptic said...

If you want a good read, 'The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man' by Robert Price.

I personally do not believe that jesus was a real person, but that's me.

Faithinate said...

I guess it depends; you'd have to be reverent to something else.

"Jesus never existed, your religion is crap, may-Taco-Bell-shine-on-your-household...."

Nah, no good. I concur.