Friday, June 20, 2008

The Prayer that wasn't there

I've got this friend who told me last week he was having to go in to have a pacemaker put in. And rightfully so, I was concerned. I sent him an email at the beginning of the week telling him that I really hoped he was ok, and basically to not die on us.

He's a religious man, and I know this. So he sent me a reply saying that he could feel my prayers and he was grateful to have a friend like me basically doing such good work for the Lord.

I'm sorry, did I say I was going to pray for you? Something tells me that even for me it's not acceptable to tell him that the last thing I would do would be to pray for someone. I'll just let him think what he wants, but man... people sure do read things into stuff don't they? The well-wishing is good enough that I don't have to call upon the powers of the tooth fairy's ex-boyfriend for help.

Anyway dude, I'm glad you're alright, even though you don't read this blog.


atheist girl said...

for some people their religion is so ingrained in their everyday life that they misinterpret what they hear. i find myself sort of wondering what to say to people when they tell me bad news like that. i cant say ill pray for them, cause i dont. and can i really say, "well i dont pray, but ill think 'i hope the surgery goes well' in my head once?" i feel like there are a lot of social traditions that are derived from religion. saying bless you when one sneezes, sending people "good thoughts," and the like. i dont correct people when they thank me for praying, because for me, it helps them to think that my prayers help. i know it doesnt do anything, but they do. and im not in fact praying. cant we just be secular?

Faithinate said...

Yeah, I've been thinking about prayer lately, and it's odd. It seems that somewhere in the Bible it must say, "The more prayers you get the more God will pay attention." So people are doing more and more to get the prayers they need. First they ask, then they move up to suggestive selling.

X: Well, I have my surgery tomorrow.

A: Oh yeah? I hope that goes well.

X: Oh, thanks so much for your PRAYERS. I always appreciate extra PRAYERS. Cause you know, without PRAYERS, I might DIE...