Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lewis Black: Me of Little Faith

I just read Lewis Black's book Me of Little Faith. I wasn't all that into it because I've been over a lot of the themes lately, but it wasn't bad.

Lewis claims he is not an atheist, but he doesn't really believe in his Judaism, either. His belief in an undefined higher power seems to be based on some drug-induced blissful trips and his inability to accept the possibility that your life force just winks out and ceases to be when you die.

I found it an interesting window into the minds of believers. He notes himself that many hard-believing Christians show the same blissful, happily and willfully ignorant high that drug users obtain. Interestingly he quit drugs because he had nothing more to gain from them, yet he seems unable to consider atheism a viable alternative to undefined feelings of a higher being.

Regarding my own awe at the universe and my inability to grasp and understand it all at times in the past had led me to the same fuzzy belief in some undefined greater force of nature. But recently I realized I don't define that as a god so much as just there are so many things I'll never understand them all. This life is awe inspiring, and I don't get why so many of the faithful seem to be so eager to get it over with and move on to the next thing.

I also am no longer bothered by the idea of winking out at death. I'm not sure that happens, of course, but I don't see evidence of anything else. It doesn't bother me because there have been billions of humans before me who have already died, and it's just the way things are. I should be able to handle it on average as well as they all did.

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