Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Tolernace, but Reality

I was originally going to preach about tolerance today, but instead I'm going to bump that topic for a day and talk about the reality of religion... xtianity to be specific.
Now, for those of you who follow my writing, you know I speak very frankly about things, and sometimes even a little more so than is necessary. But I also just tell things like they are and this is one of those times. So today you're not only going to get some good insight into the reality of xtians, but also into guys themselves.

In my youth, that is to say, before I got married... no wait... let me move forward to what started this to begin with.

This weekend, I was discussing with Faithinate the aspects of fidelity. And we decided that there are many levels of infidelity. And of the many levels, fucking her hot friend is definitely what we would consider infidelity in the 1st degree, right... a capitol offense so to speak. OK, so that's the basic premise.

So that got me thinking, strictly hypothetically of course... what would it take to fuck her hot friend? What obsticles would I have to overcome? Because like it or not, this is what guys think about. OK, so I'd first have to get past her loyalty to my wife. They've been friends for a long time and she wouldn't fuck over her friend like that. 2nd, her husband and kids. That's a really big one because she's really into her own husband and it would be hard to convince her she needed to risk everything to fuck me once or twice. Girls aren't as easily convinced of that kinda shit as guys are. But you know what never entered into the equation? That's right... the fact that she's a xtian.

The truth of the matter is that getting through religion most of the time is easier than getting through virginity. I can't tell you the number of girls I've picked up at church and in fact, the church where my wife and I met (many years ago) housed a girl who was very into the whole jesus scene. She was as holy as they come. She was always at the functions, recited the bible like nobody's business, never cursed, all that standard stuff. And I'm here to tell you she snuck me in her bedroom late at night a number of times. What can I say... religion's just not a factor.

Now that really says something about it doesn't it? The fact that religion isn't considered practical enough by its practitioners to limit their everyday actions only tells of the lack of any real belief in god or his principles. If god is such a powerful force then why doesn't he instill more fear and loyalty in these people? Hell, back then I was a xtian too and I thought nothing of sleeping with whomever I saw fit. The two were separate. You had religion for the really bad stuff like don't kill and don't worship anyone else. And you had the real world for getting laid and studying for your exams.

It's like wedding rings... and this is where the ugly side of guys really comes out. We would always hit on married or engaged chicks. We did it all the time. And do you know why? Because a lot of times that ring means about as much as god does when it comes to getting laid. We had a saying... rings only stop amateurs. So only guys who didn't know how to pick up chicks stopped when they saw a ring. So you really wanna know how successful you can be going up against a wedding ring? If I had to guess, I'd say about 40%. It was in the neighborhood of 4 out of 10 married chicks we hit on ended up coming home with us. And I don't know about you, but in any kind of sales, those are good odds and well worth your time. And I'd have to say that your odds are even a big higher in church.

Ok, I've shown you how depraved men can be. It's pathetic I suppose, but it's true. Getting laid is a numbers game. The more women you hit on the more chances you have. But the 2 things that are never a limiting factor are marriage and religion. They just don't factor in enough to concern yourself with. And when they do factor in, it's really hard to say if that's what's really factoring in, or if they just don't like something about you and they get with the next guy whom they really do like.

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