Monday, June 2, 2008

Jesus In Everything You Do

I've been too busy with work lately to ponder much about atheism and religion, but while working on a PC at someone else's desk I noticed one of the inspirational notes many people leave for themselves. This one said something to the affect of including Jesus on everything you do or doing everything through Jesus. Weird. Does every nose-blow and email sent really need consideration to Jesus? I'm not sure what they who wrote that are aiming for here, and I'm not sure what the person who posted it to herself expects it to do for her, but I'm curious.

I also find it interesting that in Christianity Jesus is the conduit to and from God, or in some cases part of a holy trinity that is--what--a ternary deity? God is omniscient but needs a human press agent with super powers?

I've been traveling a lot and have not noticed the in-your-face religion that I see around my hometown a lot. Maybe I'm just not paying attention, but I don't see people reading bibles in a manner that others will be sure to see or having big crucifixes bobbing around on their chests. It reminds me that I had the idea to bet an atheist icon to wear such as a FSM necklace. I really should do that.

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