Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God's Cumrag.

We were watching Dawkins last night and he was interviewing a slew of religious leaders about what they believe and how they can believe it, etc. Personally, I think he comes on a bit too strong if he wants to keep them talking, but I do the same thing so I think it's all reasonable.

So he's talking to these guys, asking them specific questions, and they go off on one tangent or another. One baptist guy (a real prick this one, he was caught fucking male hookers) just started accusing him of being arrogant and how he doesn't know everything in the world and he needs to realize that he isn't perfect. WHAT? I simply asked you how you can not believe in evolution when all the evidence points to it.

Another one... muslim, started talking about how everyone has raped their lands and their women and how athiests don't have any morals and they approve of people fucking in the streets, etc.

Seriously, can none of these people answer the simplest of questions about the gross contradictions in their religion and science? The answer to that question is this:

What are you fucking stupid? Who do you think you are? You don't know everything. And I'm tired of you letting fags fuck in the streets, and letting women dress like whores and put on makeup. Who do you think you are? You arrogant prick.

But seriously... of course they don't have answers to these questions. What are they going to say when they tell you the world is only 10,000 yrs old and you show them fossils from millions of years ago? What possible explanation could they possibly have for that? What are they going to say when you say evolution is real because we can prove that animals have gone extinct? Just the fact that we know that there are species that aren't around anymore proves evolution because they've evolved out. They were a failed line of evolution. If god put them here, then they'd still be here because that's how he designed it. So if we've got mastadon skeletons and no mastadons, then what the fuck happened to them? And you can't say that they're around as regular elephants because that would mean that they've evolved into regular elephants and you lose anyway. There's no way around evolution. It happened. It's not a theory. It's a fact.

What would you say if you came home and found semen all over your sheets and your wife asleep naked on the bed beside it? Would you think that maybe she just shagged somebody rotten, or that god put the semen there to test your faith in your wife? Don't be ridiculous, you'd go with the evidence and do what needs to be done (whatever that is).

So when you're presented with evidence contrary to what your bible tells you, don't be ridiculous, go with the overwhelming evidence and give it up already.

Don't be God's cumrag. Be your own cumrag.

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Faithinate said...

Be your own cumrag? Dude, that doesn't even make any sense. Other than that, nice post tho...