Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Red Comma

Xtians have some decent ideas sometimes and in fact, they've actually got some pretty clever people working for them. Some of the more fun songs from my childhood were from church camp and they've got some pretty good slogans to boot.

Now that said, the United Church of Christ has a red comma campaign. What is the red comma you ask? Well, simply it's a slogan... Don't put a period where God has put a comma. It's part of their 'still speaking' agenda. I'll admit that it's a nice slogan were it not complete bullshit. All the same though, it's catchy and it comes with that one thing that everyone desires more than anything... symbolic merchandise. You can go to their site and buy all kinds of things with red commas on them. From time to time also, if you pay really close attention you'll see someone with a red comma pin on their lapel. And we all know how much people like to have their little insider symbols. It's like a closed club, but also a way to witness without having to bring it up yourself. If someone sees a comma on your shirt they're likely to ask what it's for. Now you've got them asking about it so you can witness to them and tell them how wonderful your murderous lord is. I'm sorry, did I say murderous? I meant omniscient.

So anyway, no matter how good an idea it is, don't fall for it. If you see a red comma on anything just know what you're getting yourself into. And they're not all red. They've gotten quite stylish. Some are black on red, etc. And they've got mugs, pens, all kinds of things.

That's what we need though. The red 'A' is ok, but it doesn't have quite the flare of a comma. Maybe we should have a semi-colon or something. Maybe a nice '!'. The darwin fish is alright but everyone knows what that is. What we need is something that will make people ask so we can anti-witness.

What do you guys think? Does the 'A' have enough panache?

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Faithinate said...

I kinda like the 'A', it's all swoopy. And it's red! Sweeet....