Saturday, July 26, 2008

AOTD: Frenchman's Wire Walk Between Twin Towers

In 1974 a guy walked a wire between the twin towers. I'm guessing somewhere near the top. But what caught my attention for this blog was the end of the article:

"Meeting the Gods" is how he refers to it. "I'm nonreligious," he added. But the combination of the "Twin Towers, my balancing pole, the police, the onlookers, it was a sacred presence, an amazing piece of theater."
A number of snarky comments come to mind, regarding faith, or such an amazing act being proof that [specifically the Christian] God exists, or that being so far up there, you'd think God could smite that unbeliever more easily. But in all it's just kind of a cool little article with a good feel to the story.

Here it is.

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