Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jesus Cheeto

Yeah, somebody found a Jesus Cheeto. I'm not even going to bother to find a link for it, but if you're into that then I'll repost this link I rediscovered (and posted) a month ago:

A TV was on at work, and this is where I heard and saw it. They said they aren't going to auction it on eBay but will put it in a safe deposit box. Um, okay.

Perhaps they should be blessing Cheetos instead of crackers for communion.

Edit: Faithinate says, here's a link.

Edit: praiseNull says, oh my, that's not even the one I saw. This is. The son of God is coopting our snack foods! What a cracker!

1 comment:

praiseNull said...

A thought: I'm guessing the number of Cheetos that look like pieces of crap outnumber the Jesus Cheetos by a factor of dozens or hundreds of million to one. What does that say about these inspired images?

(Jesus isn't cheesy orange, either.)