Sunday, July 6, 2008

AOTD: Jesus' teachings, "some fucked-up shit right here."

Here's a lovely blog on The Messed-up Teachings of Jesus that I pulled from The Carnival of the Godless #95. Me likey.

If you believe that it's normal and healthy to think about things that you would never actually do; that expressing anger is often useful and healthy; that good people should resist evil and oppression; that people's sexual and marital lives are nobody's business but their own; that people of different faiths, perhaps even of no faith at all, can still be good people; that you shouldn't just believe what you're told; that women and men should have equal marital rights; that actions speak louder than words and beliefs; that religion shouldn't divide people; that fact-checking is a valuable skill; and that it's more important to treat each other well than to have the exact right religious doctrine... then good for you. I think so, too. But if you believe that the Gospels reflect the reality of his life and teachings, then apparently Jesus didn't.

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