Friday, July 3, 2009

Spongebob and Sensibility

SpongeBob cast of characters:
Mr. Krabs - An old, krusty crab who is owner/manager of a burger joint, "The Krusty Krab"
SpongeBob - a cheery, oblivious idiot (sponge) who LOVES his job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab
Squidward - a grumpy, lazy cashier (squid) who works at the KK.

In this episode of SpongeBob my kids (okay, and I) are watching, Mr. Krabs left SpongeBob "in charge" of the restaurant while he went to do an errand for 15 minutes. Of course, SpongeBob wants to do all kinds of stuff - work more, redecorate, clean etc - and Squidward keeps tricking him to get out of extra work.

In one of his diversions, Squidward tells him a Krusty Krab "secret", that the place stays so dirty to make the food more delicious by comparison. Of course SB is amazed and enlightened, and goes about filthying up the restaurant to extremes.

Still with me?

I found myself thinking, gee, you really have to ignore everything around you and everything you've ever seen and experienced to buy into that, and....wait a second, that sounds like a blog.

Do I need to say it straight out? Well, okay... I find quite lot of organized religion and most of the pseudosciences to be this way. "Nevermind what you've seen or been through and accept what I tell you." You gotta admit, it's pretty counterintuitive that, say, whacking off is bad. Like, REALLY bad. Or that women are vile, evil, disgusting and unworthy creatures that become "unclean" once a month (oh yeah, and we also bear life).

I understand, too, that microscopic organisms are rather counterintuitive, took us thousands of years to figure out the real source of diseases. But we were able to prove it. I myself can look into my 10 year old's microscope and SEE tiny organisms. I can see the effects of infection and antibacterials in my life. Science, you know? I'm all for science and common sense.

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