Sunday, July 12, 2009

If we wrote a bible that makes sense, what would it look like?

Not something that we could all agree on, that's impossible. But how about a bible that would at least make more sense to us, be harder to tear down? How about a bible that didn't directly lead to subjugation of women, abuse of children, wars and ignorance, etc etc?

Just off the top of my head, a good bible needs a few things:
- an explanation and reason for the origins of existence
- explanations for other unknowns (like things after death, or important scientific principles...the ancients should've been told about germs...)
- guidelines & principles for living and dying
- a reason for following those principles, i.e., consequences, possibly embodied by authority figure(s)

What else am I missing? Remember, I'm trying to take the things that are wrong out of the bible, so I'm not looking for smartass comments like "cruelty & mysogeny" etc. What else does a Good Book need?

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Julie said...

Unclean animals/plants? Basically a Do Not Want list. Don't even have to call them "unclean." Calling them "unhealthy" or "easy to fuck up" would do it. Which, by the way, is why pork is not kosher! Fun with your food a la Bible!