Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You're Oh So Special

Over the weekend, here in NYC, a tour helicopter and small airplane collided mid-air over the Hudson and both went under leaving no survivors. Nine people died in crash, among them a couple of teenage boys.

Of course a crash over the Hudson will have many eye witness accounts, and among most of that blabber was an interview with another tourist who was supposed to take the ill-fated helicopter tour at that time, but didn't because her son was scared. It was only after she had convinced him to go and they returned to the heliport that they found out what had happened. Later when she was interviewed she credited her life to god saying, "I thank god for saving us and for giving us another chance at life."

Really?!! Everytime I hear something like that I just wonder to myself, "what makes you so fucking special?" Why would god save you yet send some other family with their teenage son to their death?? Do believers really think that god spares them? And if this if true what does that mean for you? Do you become some super person out to do good and correct all the injustices in the world, or at least the ones in your small corner of it? Because I'd hate to think that god spared you just so you could return to your boring mundane life as whatever it is that you do that really isn't all that impressive.

This is absolute proof that everything that happens is either a result of our own personal choices and/or a case of being in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time. Because I cannot for the life of me figure out why one person is spared while someone else will suffer only what I can imagine to be incredible amounts of personal emotional agony.

Now, the mother of the Italian teenager who was killed on the helicopter not only lost her son but her husband as well that day, and will return to Italy with nothing but a fucking T-shirt she bought on the street that says, "I Love NY." While the other Italian tourist, who is happy to be alive having been spared by god, will go home with her son and husband. I really hope that the mother of the dead child didn't hear her statement, she might disagree. However, I'm sure she'd love to hear the opinions as to why her family was chosen to die while the other mother was spared. If it indeed this was a conscious decision by god.

It's this idea of favoritism and mercy that people think believing in god will get them that is a completely human characteristic. It is that exact air of superiority that erks me, especially since I don't consider "believers" to be any better than anybody else. So you may want to ask yourselves "why am I so special?"

It's also at times like these when people love to throw out their stupid and completely pointless catch phrases that are supposed to make people feel better about the incredibly uneven justice that god dishes out: "god needed an angel" (can't he/she get really good cable?) "we just don't know why god does these things but he has a reason for everything" (I'm sure the grieving mother would love to know what his reason is), or my personal favorite "we should be happy for them because they are in a better place" (What did they go to some fabulous spa?)

What the fuck people!!

Look, question, and doubt.

Peace out.

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praiseNull said...

Yeah, whenever I hear something like that where a survivor thinks God intervened for them I wonder if the families of the dead get pissed off.

Instead of intervening on one or two people's behalf, couldn't God have just averted the whole tragedy? Jesus Christ! (er...)