Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fuck You Muslim Pricks

OK so this isn’t going to be the usual funny, light-hearted post I usually do.  Instead I’m going to vent a little about something that’s really starting to bother me a LOT.

I was in an airport yesterday waiting on a flight that was running 4hrs late.  I looked over to my left and there was this guy sitting there in shorts.  They were regular jean shorts with sandals, and a normal polo shirt.  Just a normal guy.  He was darker-skinned so he wasn’t white, but it’s hard to tell where he’s from exactly.  But he looked like the kind of guy who you could probably be friends with at work or something.

Then directly to his right was his wife.  Covered from head to toe in a solid black sheet with only a tiny slit for her eyes.  SERIOUSLY MOTHERFUCKER?!? 

OK, here’s the crux of my post tonight.  I’m getting so fucking sick of these muslim prick asshole motherfuckers who think they’re so fucking above everyone else and esp their women.  What the fuck makes him so much more worthy to not have to suffer the heat than his wife?  It was fucking hot yesterday and I’m sure she was miserable in that black tent.

Then my fire was fueled even more when I saw the June 10th episode of the Daily Show.  He was interviewing the producer of the Afganistan Idol.  And he was saying that the religious nuts over there hadn’t thrown them in jail yet, and that even that pretty girl who sang on stage the other day and didn’t cover her face, and even got caught up in the music and barely moved on stage a little was still relatively safe and hadn’t been killed yet.  If that’s your concern for holding a singing show and someone moving in a way while singing that could even be vaguely considered dancing, then fuck your piece of shit religion.  I’m serious here.  I’m really starting to fucking hate muslims and everything they stand for.  They do nothing but try to control everyone’s lives and kill those for the most minor of offenses.  Sure, american xtians can be bad too, but in general they really don’t kill someone for dancing.

So yeah, I’m getting sick of hearing about muslims all the goddamn time and I’m sick of people respecting their religion.  Their religion deserves no respect because they don’t respect anything or anyone.  The only ones who have rights in islam are muslim men.  And even they’d better watch their step.  But the way they support raping of women and killing women for the most minor offenses makes me want to just nuke all of those motherfuckers.  So NO, I’ll never respect islam to any degree nor will I ever be able to be friends with a real muslim because of what they do to their women and children. 

I’ve been friends with muslims before and they always seem like cool enough guys.  But when you see them in a different setting, like at home, and see how they treat their sisters and their wives, there’s no way you can ever look at them the same again.

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