Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My New Slingshot

I know someone who is a diehard xtian. And I recently overheard him talking to someone on the phone at work and he was saying what a blessed life he has. He's been praying all year for a solution to his problems because he's had a lot of health issues, he's been trying to get custody of his sons, and he's had severe financial problems and almost had his house foreclosed. And God finally answered his prayers by allowing his birth mother to get in contact with him. He's been looking for her for years and she contacted him from the internet. It's just amazing how god always knows what you need even when you don't quite know yourself. These are all his words, not mine.

And that really got me thinking... isn't that just like god? You ask for a car so you can get to and from work to feed your family and he gives you a slingshot. The only way this would have played out to be anything close to what he asked for is if his long-lost mother were a family attorney who specialized in getting custody for fathers. Or maybe if she were a specialized physician who could fix him. But NOOOO... god just gives you a plain old slingshot. And what's worse, he even makes you go out and find the perfect piece of wood, rubberband, and leather patch. He then makes you put it together and then takes all the credit when you kill a squirrel to feed your family of 6.

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