Wednesday, August 13, 2008

God was a Marine

The fact that god always punishes ONLY those who are doing nothing wrong, or at least everyone in the city, it leads me to the conclusion that god must have been in the marines. That's why they whip a new cadet into shape. They punish the other members of the platoon so that they'll get the slacker in line. It's a very common tactic actually.

So when the xtians are saying that the towers were brought down because faggots are out there sucking cock, or Katrina happened because of all the sin, just know that it's god's plan to have us police each other. And instead of punishing the cocksuckers themselves, he punishes everyone else so that they'll put pressure on the fags to keep their asses closed.

It's just like god commanded in the new bible.

SJ Commandment #3:

Eat thee plenty of roughage. If thine colon is not clean the contents may harden and clump up and may feel too much like a cock whilest coming out. And I don't want anything to remind any of you faggots out there what it feels like to have a dick in your ass. So eat plenty of roughage. And when you're done, you may wipe for sanitation purposes, but don't do it too hard lest ye enjoy it. Why the hell did I make cocks so heavenly?

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Faithinate said...

"Eat thee plenty of roughage." That's fucking AWESOME!