Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jesus Soccer

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written guys, but life really steps in sometimes and it’s hard to make time for things I really want to do.  Anyway, I have a brief topic to get me started again…

My wife signed up our son for soccer at his school.  What she didn’t check was that it’s run by the YMCA.  He had his first soccer game yesterday and they actually made them swear an oath to God before playing.  Now, he’s only 4 and barely pays attention to anything going on around him, but it just makes me sick to even think about him being pulled into that sickening shit so early.  So just to be able to kick a ball around with his friends he’s got to swear an oath to the invisible man.

And what’s even worse is that while it makes me sick, there’s nothing I can do about it because it is the YMCA afterall, and just because she didn’t pay attention to that doesn’t mean that I can change it.  What would you expect from them?  So now I’ve got to just sit back and let it happen for the rest of the year and hope he loses interest next year.  If not then I’ll have to find a way to reverse any damage they’ve been doing.  And yeah, I really do think that even that seemingly innocent prayer at the beginning of every game will do damage if unchecked.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now, and I’ll try to keep writing.


tina FCD said...

I'm stll following.

What bull crap to have to say a prayer to play soccer.ugh.

Steven Bently said...
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Steven Bently said...

Christianized America!

I-like you, despise the damned shit!!